2 day Supervision Training 5th and 6th May

Jeff & Ariana Faris 5 & 6 May 2018 – Choosing A Path With Heart

Risk aversion and mistrust of professional autonomy and integrity can shut down the human soul. Creativity and a path with heart are desperately needed in the field of counseling and psychotherapy in a climate with increasing trends towards fear and bureaucratic processes that confound appropriate regulation.

We invite you to join us to consider and experientially explore pedagogies of liberation (as opposed to oppression) in the supervisory role and relationship.In the context of safe reflexive space we will explore dominant discourses that impact on our practice and dig down into opportunities for stretching the envelope to engage with radical and transformational possibilities in our supervisory work. We will also be exploring mindfulness practice as a means of connecting to embodied experience and the use of self in supervisory relationship. Utilising relational awareness and dual awareness (interoception and exteroception) and cultivating mind body practices to facilitate working with trauma (secondary and primary) and preventing burnout.

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