Counselling and Psychotherapy

Occasionally individuals, couples and families experience difficulties in their lives that they find hard to resolve. Therapy often helps people to make sense of these difficulties and dilemmas in new ways, within a safe and supportive space in complete confidentiality. It enables people to access their own resources in order to find useful solutions and strategies. We offer counselling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families.

Individual therapy

If you are feeling distressed, low , frustrated, unfulfilled, stuck then often talking to someone who is outside of your family and friendship circle who has experience in dealing with such difficulties can really be useful in the following ways:

  • gain a fresh perspective
  • find new solutions to difficulties
  • find meaning and purpose , regain motivation and enthusiasm
  • find new ways to live with the losses that life sometimes brings

People often find that they are able to develop personal skills, new awareness and discover previously unseen possibilities and options. If you feel you would like to explore whether counselling might be for you or your family or if you would like to make an appointment then please give us a call. Evening appointments can be arranged.

Couples Therapy

When couples experience distress in their relationship often they seek individual advice to try and solve the difficulties or the couple try and solve the problem themselves but often struggle to find new ways forward and have a tendency to attempt the same solutions that have not been that successful in the past and may actually be part of the problem. Talking together with a third person can enable people to get unstuck from difficult situations and unhelpful patterns of relating in a safe and calm way. Couples therapy can also be helpful where one of the couple is experiencing particular difficulties such as mental health problems  bereavement or addictive behaviours that affect both people in the relationship.

Family Therapy

We work with whole families when there are difficulties that families encounter that they cannot resolve themselves. We believe that families have skills and resources that they can use that will enable them to find more helpful, peaceful and less distressing ways of being. Where one member of a family is experiencing difficulties we may invite the family to come to therapy as we believe family members are a really useful resource to each other and we are interested in working with everyone in the family towards new ways of relating and living together.

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