Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Testimonials

8-week MBCT course participant comments:

“This course has been one of the best things I have ever done – I never thought it would change my life and me in the way it has done.”

“I have found it difficult because I am naturally such a fast/busy person so I have been frustrated sometimes when my mind won’t be still/focused….it is reassuring to hear how others find it difficult to focus their minds – the group has been warm supportive and non judgemental.”

“This course and the things I have learnt have been a gift to me that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.”

“I feel as though I have finally found a way to like myself and be kind to myself, having tried all other avenues ( meditation CBT, counselling). I feel I am able to use this and feel really positive about the future”

“ I have found the mindfulness very helpful in reducing physical signs of anxiety and relaxing my mind. It has slowed my heart rate and released tension I had felt in my upper body. I have really enjoyed the class and am going to miss it!”

“It has given me a genuine tool that wil help and will get better with practice. Anxiety will still be with me but I look at it differently – we are better friends.”

“It has given me a sense of hope, self worth, and a positive outlook!”

“The course provided the opportunity to gain the skills of being at peace with the present as it is. It does not happen without effort but the supportive environment and emphasis on learning by doing I feel made it possible to be open to the practice of mindfulness. the approach was very inclusive and participatory with no one feeling judged by being sceptical or for missing some of the practices for the week.”

“This space each week has been so supportive during what has been a very difficult time. Despite not practicing daily I have still felt enormous benefit from the practices I have done in class and at home as well as the handbook and reading “Full Catastrophe Living”. I suffer with anxiety and stress which has reached such a degree as to make me physically unwell. For me mindfulness is a vital way for me to manage anxiety levels , to become more aware of it and to have practical strategies for coping.”