Mindfulness Courses 2015

8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy/Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

1 April – 20 May 2015  including 1 full practice day

This course is open to all. It is an experiential skills based courses that runs over an 8 week period for 2 hours a week.
TIME: 7.00-9.00 Wednesday evenings
VENUE: R&R consulting rooms, 41 St Isan Road, Heath, Cardiff
COST: £195
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Mindfulness can be of benefit for the following:

  • Stress and Anxiety reduction
  • Improving mood and mood swings
  • Preventing relapse in depression and improving mood for those currently experiencing mild to moderate depression
  • Chronic pain management
  • Sleep disorder
  • Concentration and focus
  • General emotional, psychological and physical well being


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 This experiential skills based training in mindfulness practices is offered in a small group and is open to anyone who feels they would like to improve their wellbeing. Participants learn new ways to handle challenging emotions and moods, difficulties such as pain and unpleasant physical sensations and the general pressures of daily life through the practice of meditation and gentle movement.

Over eight weeks, we work together to bring awareness to the present moment through regular mindfulness practice and learn to use this skill to bring a greater sense of ease and calm into your life. The core of the approach is practice and experiential learning. The sessions focus mainly on teaching skills that develop awareness of body sensations, feelings and thoughts and it also includes some discussion and teaching on the characteristics of anxiety, depression and stress. By learning and practicing mindfulness over the course of the eight weeks you will learn to cultivate self compassion, greater contentment and a more skillful approach to life in general. MBCT is specifically recommended in the National Institute of Clinical Excellence ( NICE) guidelines for relapse prevention in depression.


Ariana is an experienced psychotherapist and trainer and has facilitated groups for many years
 She has taught mindfulness in a variety of settings delivering 8 week MBCT courses for the general public as well as training health professionals psychotherapists and counsellors in this approach. She introduced mindfulness based training for students at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for performance anxiety and stress reduction in 2009 and is cofounder of Mindfulness in Higher Education ( see link below)www.mindfulnessforstudents.co.uk


Ariana initially attended  Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy teacher training with Professor Mark Williams and attended teacher trainings with Jon Kabat Zinn, Saki Santorelli and John Teasdale all founders of MBCTand MBSR. She abides by the UK Mindfulness teachers code of practice. She has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager and has been meditating for many years.

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